Our Proposal

We are currently undertaking all necessary technical re-assessment work, to ensure that a revised application has no adverse landscape or environmental impacts.

Our previous application for Sallachy Wind Farm (which consisted of 22 turbines and a capacity of 66 MW) received no objections from the Highland Council, local communities or SEPA when it was consulted on and considered in 2013 and 2014. We expect this to be the case again with a new application, to be submitted in the second half of 2019. Sadly our previous application was refused by Scottish Ministers in 2015 due to the perceived impact on Wild Land, given the change to Scottish Planning Policy adopted by Scottish Ministers in 2014. We are confident that our new application will accord with local and national planning policy. Building on our strong relationships with the local community through our CLF, we are committed to fully consulting on the new application with all of the communities in Central and North West Sutherland as well as the stakeholders in the wider Highland region in 2019.

Link to project brochure.