Community Open Day at Falls of Shin Visitor Centre, August 2012

We take great care in the sensitive siting of our wind farms and in order to ensure that we deliver the right proposals for Sallachy, we have consulted widely with local residents.

In November 2010, we sent out a questionnaire to over 2,000 households living within 30km of the proposed site to gather their views. 49% of people said that they believe the proposed site is a good location for a wind farm. 25% were unsure and 25%  were not in favour of the proposal.

We then held a public exhibition in Lairg Community Centre in August 2011, to provide updated information on the Sallachy Wind Farm proposal and the findings of our studies. This exhibition allowed us to consult closely with the local residents, and benefit from their further feedback. We are especially keen for our windfarm to benefit the local community and we have been working hard to develop a suitable community benefit offering, which has now been agreed between the communities of Lairg, Creich and Ardgay & District.

Community Partners

• Lairg Community Council
• Creich Community Council
• Ardgay & District Community Council

Lairg and Creich Community Councils were chosen as they are the host Community Councils for the site and they  chose to work with Ardgay and District Community Council.

In August 2012 we held a community and public open day at the Falls of Shin Visitor Centre where the community benefit agreement between WKN, Creich, Lairg and Ardgay & District Community Councils was officially signed by Oliver Patent from WKN and the Chair of each Community Council; Peter Campbel, Sandy Allison and David Hannah.

Oliver Patent, WKN; Sandy Allison, Lairg Community Council; David Hannah, Ardgay & District Community Council; and Peter Campbell, Creich Community Council signing the community benefit agreement at Falls of Shin Visitor Centre

Copy of Community Benefit Agreement

Wider Partners

• North Highland College and the University of the Highlands and Islands
• Highland Small Communities Housing Trust
• Scottish Council for Development and Industry
• Scottish Community Foundation

To celebrate our partnerships with the Environmental Research Institute of North Highland College and Energy North we held two lunch, networking and ‘Meet the Buyer’ events in Thurso and Inverness at the beginning of August 2012.  These events were well received and gave many local contractors the opportunity to meet with each other and with WKN to discuss possible future contracts should the wind farm be consented.

In October 2012 we held a small ceremony at the University of the Highlands and Islands in Inverness where our tripartite partnership agreement with the Environmental Research Institute of North Highland College, part of the University of the Highlands and Islands and Energy North was signed.  Full details of the agreement can be found here.